Careline Lifestyles

Careline Lifestyles is a leading independent provider of person centred social care services within high quality environments.

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Careline Lifestyles

The Challenge

I was approached by Careline Lifestyles, a social care service provider in the North East of England, who wanted my help to refresh their brand. They had recognised that their existing branding hadn’t been touched for quite some time and as a result, it was starting to show.

The first task I was given was to redesign their logo. The brief was simple for this, they wanted to keep their existing colour palette and retain the symbol of a lotus flower. Next, they wanted me to use the updated branding I had developed and use it to completely redesign their website. It was important to them for it to be responsive and accessible, as clients and their families would be using it. Finally, they wanted to redesign and apply the refreshed branding across all their printed collateral. This included stationery, brochures, posters, flyers, advertorials, banner stands, signage and more.

The Approach

I kicked off the project concentrating on the existing logo, making note of what didn’t work and where it could be improved. I explored numerous options to simplify the lotus flower, and ended up removing the stem and focussing on the flower itself. This led me to reduce the amount of colours to just two, removing the gradients so it could be used easily in single colour where needed. Finally, I incorporated a single humanist and friendly serif typeface, then improving the alignment and spacing of the lotus flower and the type.

For the strapline, I created a different variation of the logo, keeping some of the familiar structure of the existing logo with strapline and simplifying it. I then implementing a san-serif typeface that complimented the serif typeface of the company name, so they both work together as one.

Comparison of both the old and new Careline Lifestyles logos
Comparison of the existing and redesigned identities
Careline Lifestyles typography and colour palette
Basic typography and colour palette

After the logo and branding I moved on to the website design, reimagining and crafting a more functional structure with wireframe layouts from their brief, adding further improvements during the process. I then implemented the updated branding, designing each page type completely and presented the final design to the team, which was very well received.

I began developing the website, ensuring it was easily accessible and intuitive to use. I coded the website to be responsive, so it would be visually and functionally optimised when displayed on mobile, tablet or desktop. It was important to Careline Lifestyles that the website could be updated by different teams within the company, so I implemented Perch – a content management system that is intuitive and easy to use. It allowed me to give each team access to update specific parts of the website, such as the HR team, who needed to control the careers section where they can post job vacancies.

The Result

The end result gave Careline Lifestyles’ branding a more modern look and feel, without sacrificing the essence of their previous brand identity. The updated branding also offered them greater flexibility, giving visually consistent brand application across any type of media.

The new website allows greater and easier control of content for the internal teams, while adding much needed functionality ā€“ such as searching their care homes based on location, facilities or services offered. The new site has also made a terrific improvement on accessibility, especially for users who are blind or hard of sight.

The homepage of the Careline Lifestyles website
The homepage
An example of a care home page on the Careline Lifestyles website
One of the care home pages