Morris Music

Morris Music is the freelance business of Peter Morris, a professional musician and music teacher from County Durham, England.

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Morris Music

The Challenge

Peter came to me with a view of creating a personal brand identity and new website for his freelance business as a musician and teacher for hire. He wanted a logo that was simple and memorable, incorporating his love for music as well as his name or initials.

As part of the brief, Peter wanted a website designing and building which had to work across multiple platforms and devices. The website had to incorporate his new branding and be intuitive for his clients and potential clients alike. One of the most important aspects for Peter was that the content management system had to be easy to use, unlike his current WordPress site that he’d been struggling with.

The Approach

I kicked off the project by starting on the Morris Music brand, experimenting with a range of different ideas for the logo that incorporated some of Peter’s musical flare. We eventually settled on our favourite, which is a beamed quaver note incorporating an ‘M’ perfectly – it’s very simple and effective. I then incorporated suitable typography to match the boldness of the logo. Following on from this, I then started to experiment with colour palettes but after a discussion with Peter, we both agreed to keep the branding black and white to tie in to the musical theme (e.g. piano keys/sheet music).

Morris Music Mark
The mark for Morris Music
Morris Music Logo
The logo for Morris Music

To start the website design, I sat down with Peter and took note of all the features, the information and what he wanted to achieve from the site. I then digested this and returned to him with a proposal, including the site structure and wireframes, how best to lay out the information and functionality on each page, as well as numerous improvements for better user experience and conversions. Peter was more than happy with all the suggestions and we agreed on a deadline of two months.

During the development of the site, I continued implementing further improvements to make it much easier for Peter to update the site. This included allowing him to enter information once and use the same content across multiple pages (where possible), creating dynamic targeted call to actions based on content relationships, and implementing a tailored enquiry form directly into each service page. The design itself was coded responsively, so it adapts to any size of screen or device and I also built it so it could be used as a web app, should Peter want to keep it on his devices whilst on the move.

The Result

The end result gave Peter a responsive, highly functional and easy to use website along with a strong visual brand identity that has been implemented consistently throughout the design and branding of the website.

Peter’s website can be used as a web app on Android, iOS and Windows devices. Using it this way on his iPad he can quickly give students access to any reference material, practical or theory, right from the resources section of the website – whether he’s at home or on the road.

Morris Music website being used as a web app on iOS
Morris Music website viewed on multiple devices
The homepage for Morris Music's website

The Feedback

“Phil has provided me with a professional website and branding service. He is both conscientious and proactive when creating innovative ideas, and his understanding of my work enhances the quality I provide to my clients.”

– Peter Morris, Morris Music